Wiltshire Farm Foods, Winsford

Wiltshire Farm Foods is a frozen meals delivery company that specialises in delivering frozen ready meals to customers’ homes throughout the United Kingdom.

Having carried out many installations for Wiltshire Farm Foods over the years, the most recent one was installed in Winsford near Manchester. 

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Due to an increase in product lines, more space was needed to allow for the enlarged roller racking system that WFF use to maximise efficiency

The overall size was 12m x 14m x 3.5m (h) and included two separate refrigeration systems for safety back up.

Insulated panels were installed 150mm thick and low energy compressors utilised to reduce running costs as far as possible.

Reinforced concrete kerbs were also included to all internal walls for protection against pallet damage

A wireless data logging systems was also installed to monitor the temperature 24hrs a day, connected to the internet to warn of any temperature changes by email.