If you run a warehouse, then you’ll know all too well the importance of storing your goods correctly. With industry standards to be met, it’s vital that your cold room is made to exact specifications. If you’re looking to either move premises or expand your cold room, we are here to help. For warehouse cold storage rooms, let Cold Space Design build you a truly bespoke cold store room.

When designing a cold room, it’s imperative to get every little detail correct. Mistakes made early on can harm the process, so we have a four- stepped process which means we provide a truly thorough service.

Firstly, we ensure maximum capacity has been used, then we advise you on the most suitable equipment to use, all the while keeping your budget in mind. From there, we then source the best suppliers, and we then ensure the project is managed fully from start to finish.

Here at Cold Space Design, we have a fantastic team who offer over 35 years-experience. When we take on your cold room, our aim is to surpass your expectations, giving you a highly functioning design.

To get in touch, fill out the contact form on our website or call us on 0844 332 1699 to discuss your requirements.